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Rev. Dn. Adam L Roberts is a professional filmmaker. Although he specializes in feature-length documentaries, his expertise extends beyond this. He is also available for

  • Fundraising Videos (for churches and non-profit organizations)

  • Short Documentaries on Specific Stories

  • Feature-length Documentaries

  • Clergy Retirement Banquets

  • Marketing Videos

  • Weddings

  • Baptisms

In The Name of Choice (2020)
Nine Episodes 
~90 minutes
Building Hope (2019)
Full Film 
58 minutes
 When Churches Divide (2018)
Full Film 
15 minutes
Ladyminster (2018)
Full Film
45 minutes
 The Orthodox West (2017)
Full Film 
40 minutes
We specialize in...

Website Videos 

we can help, or we can make it for you.


Promotional Videos

such as a festival or upcoming event.


Short Documentaries

such as prison ministry or homeless shelter.

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